Sounds of the Season
Tuesday December 22 2015, 7:37 PM

Sounds of the Season

Legendtorial for December 22, 2015

LegendAs many of you know, and much to Bopper's chagrin, I am someone who loves music and even fancies himself a singer at times. Never really learned to play an instrument although my Mother once attempted to teach me piano. That was a short-lived exercise in futility. I think I was about 10 when she decided to teach me and she was quite the pianist. I just never could get the hang of playing those scales when there were bicycles to race and stock car races to go to. I did keep on with the singing, however, and was in chorus in high school all four years, making All-State Chorus in my junior year. I'm still singing, but mostly in the shower these days. I did appear on stage at Walt Disney World's American Idol Experience, finishing second behind a nightclub singer from Memphis. No, it wasn't Elvis and Jeff is really happy about that.

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