Tis the Season
Tuesday February 16 2016, 8:05 PM

Tis the Season

Legendtorial for February 16, 2016

LegendYes, I know the title for tonight's Legendtorial, the first of this New Year, is somewhat ambiguous. By that, I mean some will wonder if I am talking about racing season, the political season, or, perhaps the Valentine/Presidents Day season. Well, trust me, by the time this time slot is over, I will be applauded by some, ignored by some, and chastised by some. But here goes!

[caption id="attachment_6379" align="alignright" width="102"]Tim and Chase Tim and Chase[/caption]

Let me state, up front, that I am a fan of Chase Elliott. Having met the young man a little over a year ago, I am impressed at his professionalism and his grace in his interaction with fans. What I am about to say is, in no way, intended to reflect negatively on Chase, or even on the Hendrick organization in which I have many friends. Does it strike anyone else as "strange" that Chase nabs the pole for the Daytona 500? Don't you see the value to NASCAR of the positive press they are receiving from the accomplishment of the 24 team? Think of the extra press across the country because the young "rookie" seizes the pole in the famous number 24 car. NASCAR knows how to bleed every ounce of ink out of its controlled media. This is a lesson Brian surely learned from Big Bill. Remember the first Daytona 500 finish and the way Big Bill milked that race through the press for at least three days? Now think of what Chase has done for NASCAR, or perhaps more appropriately, what NASCAR did for Chase. After all, who controls the issuance of the "plates" or the "EFI controls" or whatever they are calling speed control now?

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