Atlanta Remembered
Tuesday March 1 2016, 7:29 PM

Atlanta Remembered

Legendtorial for March 1, 2016

LegendTonight I won't talk about remembering Atlanta before that damn Yankee, William T. Sherman, destroyed most of it. That's sort of ancient history although some folks still do not enjoy the cartoon about "Sherman and Peabody" just for the name. For the purposes of this Legendtorial, I want to remember Atlanta as the mile and half-track, actually located in Hampton, Georgia, which, in my opinion was totally ruined when Bruton Smith took it from a true oval with quarter-mile straights and half-mile turns and made it into the copy-cap "quad-oval" as they like to call it. I have had many exciting adventures at Atlanta, not the least of which was battling the traffic after each race. George Highway Patrol is good at many things, but traffic control is NOT one of those things. Or, perhaps, that is a purely Bruton Smith thing as Charlotte, another quad-oval, was always the devil to exit after the race. I'm sure that had nothing to do with the shape of the track, just a Bruton Smith thing.

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