Maybe It Only Matters to Me - Pioneers
Tuesday April 5 2016, 7:46 PM

Maybe It Only Matters to Me - Pioneers

Legendtorial for April 5, 2016

Tim LeemingMaybe it only matters to me and no one else, that the early pioneers of this sport we love are honored through our memories of their accomplishments.  Not all of these pioneers were winners and, in fact, when I read some of the names from the NASCAR history books I have, some names never even recorded a top 20 finish, never won a pole, and probably had few actual "fans" outside friends and family.  Nevertheless, in the overall laying of the foundation of what is now a multi-billion dollar sport was done by these men, and some women.  I won't start mentioning names here, but most all are available, at least for the Premier Series, by reading the big "black" or in some instances "red" book entitled "NASCAR, The Complete History" by Greg Fielden with Bryan Hallman and the Auto Editors of Consumer Guide".  I actually first discovered this book at a Target Store and was amazed at the reasonable $10.00 price.  I have since seen the book at other stores and the prices range from the $10.00 at Target to $25.00 at some other outlets.


[caption id="attachment_6504" align="aligncenter" width="531"]pioneers Several Pioneers, Cotton Owens Day, 2006
Photo by Virgina Ayers[/caption]

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