Music, Singing and the Past
Tuesday August 16 2016, 7:45 PM

Music, Singing and the Past

Legendtorial for August 16, 2016

Tim LeemingI have always loved to sing, whether good at it or not is for the hearer to judge, but I simply love singing.  When I was in the fifth grade, I was singing at recess, as I always did, when some of the girls heard me and started urging me to try out for the talent show that was coming up.  After a little convincing, (I was "sweet" on one of those girls, Sandra) I agreed to do tryout.  I did my audition and was "selected" to appear in the talent show.  Back in those days of the 50s, it was not as it is now where every participating kid gets a trophy but looking back, I'm sure the only kid who didn't make the cut in auditions was the kid twirling, and often dropping, flaming batons.  Any Fire Marshalls out there have any questions?

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