Do You Sometimes Wonder Where America Went?
Tuesday October 4 2016, 8:27 PM

Do you Sometimes Wonder Where America Went?

Legendtorial for October 4, 2016

Tim LeemingNo, in spite of the fact that we are only just over a month away from a National Election, the outcome of which will forever change the future of this country, no matter which Candidate is elected, this is not a political statement.  It is a statement of how you can find the REAL America, the Country built by patriots and by hardworking, sacrificing folks, few of which seem to exist these days.  As you might expect, being the Tuesday AFTER the Celebration of the Automobile by The Historic Speedway Group and the breakfast by the Old Timers Club, these will be my subject tonight.  I will attempt to refrain from mentioning names for I will surely unintentionally overlook someone who is such a big part of this event each year and I would never want to do that.

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