Earwax Problems
Tuesday October 18 2016, 9:18 PM

Earwax Problems

Legendtorial for October 18, 2016

Tim LeemingMy Daddy always had a severe problem with "earwax" which I inherited.  I also inherited his normal body temperature of 97.5 rather than the usual 98.6.  I did not, however, inherit his amazing talent to do most anything.  His talent with woodworking was amazing and Ann and I have several examples of that woodwork around the house.  He could repair anything from electrical to plumbing to mechanics.  He was always doing things at which I could only marvel.  I remember driving out to the old home place after not visiting there in over a month, way back when.  I pulled into the driveway to see this huge building framed and a roof already on it.  I walked back to the building where my Daddy was working away.  It was then that I discovered he, and he alone, had built a 40x30 garage for the motor home and woodworking shop in the back.  About a month later it was finished with electricity, windows, everything.  He alone built everything in that building.  He was 59 years old at the time.

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