Out For A Sunday Drive
Tuesday October 25 2016, 7:31 PM

Out For A Sunday Drive

Legendtorial for October 25, 2016

Tim LeemingWhen I was much, much younger, like a thousand years ago, a part of our family weekend entertainment, when I wasn't off at a race somewhere with Uncle Bobby, was a Sunday afternoon ride.  My mother and father had friends who lived on a farm in Chapin, now a 20-minute zip up I-26 but back then it was a good hour up a twisting two lane road that ran past pig farms, cow pastures, and simply open country.  Fact:  I now live less than four blocks from that highway which is now a four-lane with a turn lane in the middle and stop lights every half mile or so.  Friends of my parents in other places gave us different directions to ride on certain Sunday afternoons.  I remember those rides as leisurely and "laid back" as we took in the scenery (not ever seeming to change) but going to visit friends.  It was a pleasure ride and we all enjoyed it, regardless of the eventual destination.

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