Dan McCrary

The Party's Over

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Lee Roy after winning at Darlington (69 Rebel)
water color I did a while back, from a Don Hunter photo courtesy Smyle Media.
Dan McCrary
@dan-mccrary   11 years ago
Thanks, Robbie -that's nice to hear!
Dan McCrary
@dan-mccrary   11 years ago
Thanks again, Robbie. You could try my web site - www.dmccraryart.com . If you don't want to order directly from the site, my phone no. is on there, and you could just call after perusing the images on the site. Dan
Cody Dinsmore
@cody-dinsmore   11 years ago
You just amaze me with your art skill! Just awesome!
Brandon Reed
@brandon-reed   11 years ago
My wife bought me this one during a layout at the NC Auto Racing Hall of Fame during our recent trip to Pittsburgh (and I bought the full size "Wangs And Thangs" to boot). This is such an awesome piece, immortalizing one of the most memorable, yet least talked about, moments in NASCAR racing. Leeroy's incredible 1969 season, and his subsequent fade from the racing scene, is an incredible story, but a hard one to tell, as so few people want to talk about what happened. Thanks Dan for another awesome piece!!!!!
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