greg minter

lms 80's

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i think this is "terrible" tommy ellis,(always had that head tilted about halfway out the window) & is that south boston? i'm not sure
paul mascitti
@paul-mascitti   14 years ago
...i would have guessed Bob Pressley in this car (?)
greg minter
@greg-minter   14 years ago
yea, Bob did drive the #4 car as well, but I lean toward tommy on this one, 'cause of that head tilt, and that grand am was rumored to have a titanium(or maybe magnesium) body on it, sounds like a "fish" story to me. but tommy did drive that grand am for a time, just before he made his brief jump into Cup in the 80's. whether it had that alloy body or not, that car had 'em snookered all over Va.
Jim Lindsay
@jim-lindsay   14 years ago
Is that Bob Pressley????
greg minter
@greg-minter   14 years ago
I"ll still hafta go w/ tommy on this one, 'cause of the 'lean'. and that ol' grand am was lookin' to the infield, big time, wasn't it? can you say ... push...
Alan Woodard
@alan-woodard   14 years ago
It is Tommy Ellis. Bob drove the car before the 311 Cubic Inch era. The Jacksons were one the first to take advantage of the weight break that came with running the smaller powerplant successfully as I recall
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