greg minter

lms 70's

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need a little help w/ this one. I know that's tommy ellis in the 12n , is that roy hendrick in the #59, where was this at? kingsport? possibly
Tony Morton
@tony-morton   14 years ago
Who,I don't know, Kingsport it's not.
Chris Hussey
@chris-hussey   14 years ago
J.E. Beard in the 59. Maybe Cumberland Speedway in Fayetteville, NC.
Keith Smith
@keith-smith   14 years ago
NOT at cumberland in fay. nc maybe fuzzy farrell in 59
jeff hensley
@jeff-hensley   14 years ago
J.E. Beard in the 59, and it looks like Tri-co, now Orange County Speedway, Rougemont NC.
rocky ragusa
@rocky-ragusa   14 years ago
that is trico speedway.
greg minter
@greg-minter   14 years ago
so the verdict is in, rougemont, nc. I'd say Jeff H. cleared that one up. Boy, I was waaay off on the #59 driver(did I actually say Roy Hendrick?) ... it looked like a 'winged' number, oops!! at least I got the #12n right, ol' tommy was a terror all over the mid-atlantic LMS region before it became the BUSCH series. I sure do miss those days
Curtis Turman
@curtis-turman   11 years ago
Think its JE. Beard in the 59, looks like Trico (now Orange County) they ran some Sunday afternoon races there, that would draw a lot of big names.
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   6 years ago
J.E. Beard in the Wilson, NC Viking Tire Sales #59, Terrible Tommy Ellis in the Richmond, Va. Channel 12 Television #12 at Trico - Rougemont, NC. Today's Orange County Speedway. J.E. was building engines for Jack Tant in Littleton, NC - that's the origin of his "Flying 59."
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