Michael Allman

Bud Allman Seventh Number 11 Built

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Ned Jarrett 1964
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   12 years ago
Looks like that could be Bristol. Just not sure if its spring or summer race. Buck Baker drove the Petty 41 in the Southeastern 500, and Jim Paschal drove it in the Volunteer 500. Despite the spins by Petty and Jarrett, looks like both continued based on the finishing order. So I'm still not sure yet which race it is. But it does look to be at this angle that it might be Bristol.If it is, I'm guessing it could be the March 1964 Southeastern 500 because the King led 442 laps in the summer race but still finished 2nd. Unlikely he would have been that dominant with a spin during the race.
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