Richard Gouldman

Lennie Pond sportsman #58

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Ricky A Poole Jr
@ricky-a-poole-jr   12 years ago
Great picture Richard. If you don't mind me asking a few questions about this car please,what year pix taken?make of car and year?Thanks Richard
Richard Gouldman
@richard-gouldman   12 years ago
The car was a '36 Chevy body, carburated small block Chevy, built and prepared by Bud Wamsley. I can only guess the picture was taken around 1962-63. I remember the car from Southside Speedway. In that era, to fill out the field, they ran Sportsman and Modified cars together. The Sportsman cars were not really at a disadvantage, as most of the competitors back then had more power than they did tires.
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