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Ron Pestana
@ron-pestana   15 years ago
Thanksgiving Day has always been most memorable to me because of this picture and what my dad John Pestana and his driver Dick Atkins accomplished that day by winning the biggest midget race on the planet, Turkey Night at Ascot Park. I remember Parnelli Jones going end over end down the back staightaway about lap 150 of the 200 lapper. I was there, hanging on the fence, and it was the most awesome night I can ever remember. The handsome gentleman in black was none other than J.C Agaganian, the promoter and owner of Ascot Park. He had also won the Indy 500 with driver Parnelli Jones in the early 60's. Following that win, my dad put a deal together with J.C. for Dick Atkins to run the Indy 500 (and the entire season) the following year 1966 as Parnelli Jones teammate in Aggie's car #97 Rev 500 Special. Today, Thanksgiving Day, I'm really missing my dad.
Kerry Viar
@kerry-viar   15 years ago
And Lava Light trophies!
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