Derek Thompson

1998 Sterling Marlin BGN Monte Carlo at Talladega.

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At the Touchstone Energy 300 at Talladega, Sterling Marlin started the 1998 race in the #1 Rayovac Monte Carlo in 13th place. At lap 53, he had to retire the car as it had shock problems and settled for a 30th place finish. The car itself is a 1998 Action diecast, stripped and painted with Tamiya products. Winscals made the decals for me and the contingencies are Powerslide. For details, I added new roof rails, side skirts, rear window blade and a front valance. The car required a bit of bondo work to get the right look. I adjusted the stance and detailed the wheels. Inside, many details were added including the duct work. The car is finished off with a new antenna, fuel filler and over flow. Two coats of Future Floor Wax provided the shine. Hope you enjoy.
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