Derek Thompson

1984 Sterling Marlin Monte Carlo Notchback.

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In 1984 at Pocono, Sterling drove the Sadler Brothers owned #95 with a onetime sponsor with PILOT AIR FREIGHT services. He started the race in the 23rd spot but due to Rear End problems on lap 159, Sterling finished 33rd. This 1984 Monte Carlo Notchback donor car is from Action. The car was stripped down and painted with Tamiya Bright Red. The decals are Winscals and the contingencies are Powerslide decals. For details, I added a new fuel filler and overflow, new aluminum tubed exhaust pipes, plumbed and detailed the cockpit / dash. Also, I detailed the tires and rims and finally ground and sanded out the left side air intake, finishing off with a grill. The car was topped off with two coats of Future Floor Wax and the antenna and window net finished this project. Hope you enjoy!!
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