greg minter

1979 Old Dominion 500 4

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Butch Lindley's 1st Winston Cup start in the Kencoal Mining Chevy. Finished 28th(overheating)
Mike Ray
@mike-ray   11 years ago
Wasn't Butch Fantastic to watch drive?He could really get up on a wheel;what a racer!R.I.P. Butch Lindley.
greg minter
@greg-minter   11 years ago
Ohh yeeahh!! In a nutshell, Smooooth!!I grew up watching Butch dominate Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va. Nobody could get hooked up off of turn #2 like that red #16. There were 4 LMS Drivers that were always competitve w/ Butch @ Langley, Sonny Hutchins, 'Terrible' Tommy Ellis, Geoff Bodine, and Sammy Ard, but often they were competing for 2nd, it depended on which of these greats were on hand @ a given race. I've got more Lindley pics coming...
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