greg minter

Darrell Waltrip 1979 Langley Speedway

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Anybody recognize this guy? In '79 he was leading the Cup points w/ Petty 2nd. Here I was 11 yrs old, I got to talk w/ DW for about 15 min.(in line for pit passes, you can't do that anymore, not w/o being mobbed) I found him to very friendly, honest, and he liked to laugh. I didn't care for him at all til that day(this was the 'Jaws' era)... in the pic, he's smiling because I told him I wanted Richard Petty to beat him for the Cup title. He said, "Man, what are ya bustin' my chops for?" I felt kinda bad then so I told him I was gonna pull for him here tonite. He replied, " OK, That's cool, you're alright with me, son. Have a good time, tonite!!" Y'know what?...I did
Ernie Harris
@ernie-harris   13 years ago
Did he win that night?
James Boyle
@james-boyle   11 years ago
Langley Speedway in Hampton, Va?
greg minter
@greg-minter   11 years ago
sorry it took so long to reply to you James & Ernie, the answer is yes on both questions...thanks, greg
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