The spoils go to the winner

Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   11 years ago
The winner is Richard Brickhouse, Rocky Point, NC. The event is the infamous 1969 Talladega 500. The Petty-led PDA boycotted the event, and in the aftermath, PDA member Charlie Glotzbach vacated the #99 Ray Nichels Daytona Charger. The ride was offered to Brickhouse, who resigned from the PDA, drove the car and won the race. For jumping the pickett line, Brickhouse was shunned by everybody and his brother, including NASCAR and Bill France. He was soon back home, and out of NASCAR forever. Later, Brickhouse built the ill-fated (dirt) Pender County Speedway near Wilmingon, NC in the late 1970's. The speedway was ultimately razed, and a meteroic racing career was over as qucickly as it had begun.
Stacy Morgan
@stacy-morgan   11 years ago
Richard Brickhouse
Dennis Andrews
@dennis-andrews   9 years ago
Jim Vandiver says he really won that race.
Bill Powell
@bill-powell   9 years ago
Great story Bobby-my dad attended this race and told me stories about it I haven't forgotten to this day.
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