• Kingsport Speedway
  • Dustin
  • Donnie and Bobby
  • Raymond Parks at 94 with the first NASCAR Championship Trophy
  • Phil Wills
  • Anybody seen my coil wire
  • The spoils go to the winner
  • Call this stop4
  • Name these guys
  • Turn #1
  • Victory Lane
  • Dustin
  • Fireball 2
  • Raymond Parks 94th Birthday cake
  • Name this driver
  • Bill France Sr
  • Tiny 2
  • Name the driver of the 25
  • Racin makes me smile
  • Front stretch looking into turn #4
  • Dickey Lee Whitehead
  • first trophy
  • 1960 Southern 500 Front Row
  • Cotton Owens at Raymond Parks Birthday party
  • Name this driver
  • Echlin High Performance Ignition
  • Tiny and who
  • Name these guys 16
  • Who can call this stop
  • Turn #2
  • Jeff Gilder
  • Mall Show
  • fireball
  • Richard Childress
  • Danny Sullivan
  • Hey man you got a light
  • Tiny Lund 69
  • Name this guy 10
  • Who is getting interviewed here
  • Back Stretch looking into turn #3
  • Kingsport Speedway
  • Ready to race
  • Fonty Flock
  • Richard Brickhouse
  • Name this driver
  • Hey Tiny want some lunch
  • Tiny
  • Name this guy 11
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   15 years ago
Thanks, this is what it looked like at the end of my career. I'm trying to find a picture of it when it was dirt. There is one in Bill Morton's photos
jason small
@jason-small   15 years ago
nice race way wish maine had tracks like that
@jcs   14 years ago
Are there really 70 cars in this race?
jeff hensley
@jeff-hensley   14 years ago
Do you have any pictures of jimmy hensley racing there? I spent the summers of my youth at kingsport speedway every friday night with my dad hubert and cousin jimmy during the early to mid seventies. jimmy won the track championship there a couple of times and won both kingsport and lonesome pine in the same year. I think that was 1975 or 76. Lots of memories from that place! Jeff hensley
Dennis  Garrett
@dennis-garrett   6 years ago
[quote="JCS"] Are there really 70 cars in this race? [/quote] I counted 71 cars in this race. How much did the winner get? How much did 71st position get? Money or steak dinner?
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   6 years ago
This was a parade lap of some sort. The most I ever saw start (while I was racing there) was around 30....which is a lot on a 3/8 mile track. 
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