• celt special 2
  • Billy Hensley Modified Corvair
  • #34 ready for tow
  • Daddy/BobMcG (2)
  • Dick Lawrence, Jim Paschal, Hardy Campbell
  • dadonbeach34
  • thankful
  • DP, 21
  • #34 Celt Special
Robert Mitchell
@robert-mitchell   9 years ago
Anyone know if that is Joe Wolf sitting on the front fender of his car?
Joey Campbell
@joey-campbell   9 years ago
Im pretty sure it is Joe Wolf. Thats my dad, Hardy Campbell, with his foot on the bumper.
Robert Mitchell
@robert-mitchell   9 years ago
Thanks, Joey. To me these photos look to be taken at the same time and place, being that the Joe Wolf #47 is in the exact same spot to the left of your dad's #34. Again, very cool photos and thanks for posting them.
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