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Seiichi Suzuki GA

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@fallscity48   15 years ago
The car was also a former Bud Moore Cougar !! Tom Pistone obtained it after the '68 season from Bud & campaigned it with Tiny Lund with Pepsi sponsorship as a '69 Cougar.Suzuki raced it for Tiger Tom at the 1970 Citrus 250. I believe JC Yarbourgh raced it forTiger Tom later in the year. Car had a long history....possible Trans Am winner, Bud Moore / Tiny Lund winner, Pistone / Lund winner & Japanese racing legend Seiichi Suzuki .Great Stuff........another great batch of photos Kevin !!
Kevin Andrews
@kevin-andrews   15 years ago
You hit it right on the head. Tiger Tom prepared the car him in that race. And only one other cougar was in the race also. Dad's. Only 2 cougars, 2 javelins, some firebirds and rest camaro's.
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