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Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   11 years ago
Just curious if that was at Al Grinnan's off Meadowbridge Rd.?
Phillip Payne
@phillip-payne   11 years ago
Wow Dave! You got it!! Unfortunately, that yard is gone now.
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   11 years ago
Wondered if that yard continued after Al's death. Thanks. Last time I was in it was to get a front headlight assembly for one of my daughter's cars in Charlotte. Al was a wonderful guy. A friend used to work on his old #27 yellow & white and #99 black modified owned by Sonny Hutchins over at Brooks Transfer (later became Hemingway) on The Boulevard. I always remember there was a car parked there bought from Earl Moss still painted red with the #300 on it. Got to be around Al a lot when I worked at the Richmond track and when he raced in Wilson, NC. A fun driver nice to all.... especially when watermelons were in season.
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