• Loyd Ruby Paul Revere 250
  • Bud Moore Engineering - 1968
  • BME Haulers
  • Tiny and Swede at Rockingham
  • 1967 Paul Revere 250
  • Chevelle Remains
  • Chevelle Remains Interior
  • Baby Grand Cougar Art
  • Bannister Cougar
  • BME Cougar Filler Necks
  • RaceStoppers at BME
  • Bud Moore Baby Grand Cougar
  • RaceStoppers at Cotton Owens'
  • Bud Moore Baby Grand Cougar
  • Bud Moore Engineering - 1967
  • Bud Moore Trans-Am Cougar
  • Bud Moore Trans-Am Cougar
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   8 years ago
Love all of your Bud Moore pictures. Bud and Richmond's Paul Sawyer were the two finest men I ever worked with in racing.
Phillip Payne
@phillip-payne   8 years ago
Thanks Dave - Yes, the Sawyers were well loved here in Richmond. Junie Dunleavy also. It was sad when the Sawyers sold RIR :-(
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