Randy Binkley

Darrel Waltrip's car being prepared to run the Permatex 300 in Daytona in Feb of 1973!.The only small block at Daytona this year!

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Randy Binkley
@randy-binkley   11 years ago
This car which ran at the Fairgrounds on the weekends,was getting ready to hit Daytona!..The car got voted best looking car in Daytona that year..The car ran a small block Chevy that my uncle (Ray) built,and actuallymade it to the lead by lap 20 or so...However the parts weren't good enough to last ,and it had mechanical failure about halfway through the race...The car along with the 25# Fall City were built and maintained in a garage in Hendersonville ,Tn..When I was a small kid ,I use to go there ,and play inside the tires stacked up on the floor!
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