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Peace Haven Speedway - Nascar 1948 Race 51 of 52 - Fonty Flock vs Red Byron

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October 31, 1948 - A build up to the battle between Fonty Flock's number 47 Ford built by Walkie-Talkie Jones - and the number 22 Red Vogt built Ford of Red Byron...with Curtis Turner thrown in as the ultimate spoiler... all on Hallows Eve. Guess who wins...

This was race number 51 of 52 races of the very first NASCAR season in 1948. The Championship went to Red Byron driving the number 22 Ford owned by Raymond Parks and built by Red Vogt.
Mike Ray
@mike-ray   11 years ago
Nice article robert,Thank you.
Robert Mitchell
@robert-mitchell   11 years ago
Thanks for checking it out, Mike. I was pretty excited when I found it.
N.B. Arnold
@nb-arnold   11 years ago
Exceptional piece of history Robert. Glad you shared it.
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   4 years ago

Newspaper ad for race from Robert's collection.
Race report from Robert's collection
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