Ron Pestana

Dad's 1964 Midget restored 2009

I was racing a modified this last September at All American Speedway in Roseville California on a night there was a series of legend midget cars racing. And there it dad's championship midget. The color was spot on. Hadn't seen that car in color since I was 12 years old.
Ron Pestana
@ron-pestana   9 years ago
Hi Robbie - naw... I didn't ask to drive it (probably should have) but I did mention to the owner of the car when I was shaking his hand to say goodby to be sure to call me first if he ever wants to sell it. It would look great in my racing/trophy room. lolALSO I was listening to you on Jerry's show last night and you said something that made both Bill and me smile big time. You said that Sumter Speedway has one of the best speedway sound systems in short track racing. Bill and I looked at each other and agreed "we must send Robbie a RACEDAY ROCK CD. You can email me at with the mailing address and we will get one right out to you. Then you can take it Sumter Speedway and turn it up baby!!!
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