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Tim Leeming
@tim-leeming   7 years ago
Back in my "long hair" days. These days it's "almost no hair". This picture verifies the story I've told about Dave Marcis winning at 'Dega and running out of gas on the way to Victory Lane. The road to Victory Lane ran right behind the press parking where we had the motor home parked. I had already abandoned my "press attire" for the day but when Dave made the turn to head to Victory Lane and the big Dodge sputtered a little, I jumped off the motor home and pushed him to Victory Lane. Just found this picture quite by accident in some of my Mama and Daddy's things. My Daddy also had the entire episode on 8mm film but K-Mart lost the reel when developing so that was lost to somewhere. This is just another of the unbelievable adventures in my racing life.
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