• ColumbiaRoyMayneRandyLaney1972 (Roy's nephew) Mark Scott in Prestine jacket
  • Roy Mayne catching the winning flag
  • Buddy Baker, Roy Mayne & Eddie Jr (my son)
  • Roy Mayne & Richard Petty
  • scan0010
  • Practical Classics Cover
  • scan0005
  • Roy Mayne  Movie Speedway
  • Me & Hot Stuff
  • scan0031
  • Check your oil-pres
  • Roy Mayne & Cameron Mitchell
  • Practical Classics #1
  • scan0004
  • scan0001
  • Roy Mayne's race car he raced in late "50"
  • Bill Elliott & my son Eddie Jr
  • Pit Stop
  • scan0012
  • Practical Classics #2
  • scan0002
  • Hot Stuff
  • scan0036
  • Before race clean uniform
  • scan0015
  • Classic cars Cover
  • Sterling & Roni
  • Junior Johnson crashed Roy Mayne squeezes through
  • AF Blue
  • Racing
  • scan0016
  • Classic cars #1
  • Davey Allison & Me
  • NASCAR Convention
  • Tom Hunter & Roy Mayne building car
  • North Carolina Motor Speedway
  • scan0017
  • Classic cars #2
  • Richard Petty & Me
  • NASCAR Convention
  • Roy Mayne & "33" car
  • Dad after race
  • scan0018
  • 268019_177406238990010_100001619053554_474826_5210120_n
  • Dale Earnhardt, Roy Mayne & Richard Childress
  • Roy Mayne & Air Force Friends
  • Building car
  • Roy Mayne & Friday Hassler
Billy & Barbara Scott
@billy-barbara-scott   10 years ago
Roni, Keep posting what pictures you have. That reallly brings back memories for us also. Randy Laney will have to see this!God bless and we love you,Billy and Barbara
Dargan Watts
@dargan-watts   10 years ago
I posted this picture on RacersReunion in February with the following caption, "Not sure who locked his key in who's car, but race driver Roy Mayne is playing locksmith while "THE STATE" newspaper motorsports editor Randy Laney looks on. The person in the Prestone jacket is unidentified."Photo was made at the "New" Columbia Speedway in 1972. Actually, I think I took the picture in 1971. If I'm not mistaken, only drove for Marion Cox for a few races in 1971 before parting company.Barbara....Randy Laney saw this picture several months ago.....For more Columbia Speedway pictures, type in Dargan Watts and several images should pop up.
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   10 years ago
The young man in the Prestone jacket is my cousin Mark. It was my dads sisters kid.
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   10 years ago
I have to give Johnny Mallonee for the picture. He sent it to me. I'm hoping real soon that I will be able to put a lot more on that I have.
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