• RoyMayne65Chevy
  • Roy Mayne racing Micro Midget overseas (Hot Stuff)
  • Roy Mayne in uniform & Tom Hunter
  • TheRacersPrayer
  • Roy Mayne watching the race
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  • scan0007
  • RoyMayne1965Chevy2
  • Roy Mayne's car he raced in late "50"
  • ? 65 Chevrolet
  • Pit Stop.  Jabe Thomas handing dad water.
  • After the race.
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  • Darlington
  • ColumbiaRoyMayneRandyLaney1972 (Roy's nephew) Mark Scott in Prestine jacket
  • Roy Mayne catching the winning flag
  • Buddy Baker, Roy Mayne & Eddie Jr (my son)
  • Roy Mayne & Richard Petty
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  • Practical Classics Cover
  • scan0005
  • Roy Mayne  Movie Speedway
  • Me & Hot Stuff
  • scan0031
  • Check your oil-pres
  • Roy Mayne & Cameron Mitchell
  • Practical Classics #1
  • scan0004
  • scan0001
  • Roy Mayne's race car he raced in late "50"
  • Bill Elliott & my son Eddie Jr
  • Pit Stop
  • scan0012
  • Practical Classics #2
  • scan0002
  • Hot Stuff
  • scan0036
  • Before race clean uniform
  • scan0015
  • Classic cars Cover
  • Sterling & Roni
  • Junior Johnson crashed Roy Mayne squeezes through
  • AF Blue
  • Racing
  • scan0016
  • Classic cars #1
  • Davey Allison & Me
  • NASCAR Convention
John R.Brown
@john-rbrown   10 years ago
As a owner of a 65 Impala back in the 60s I always checked the race rundown to see where Roy finished. Thanks for the photo
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   10 years ago
You are welcome. These are pictures people have help me get. I have some great pictures but do not have the means to put them on the computer. I hope I will soon. His fans will love them. I got the ones when he was raceing durt track. He started raceing in 1954. God bless
Robert Staley
@robert-staley   10 years ago
i too used to check the paper on monday morning to see where roy, j.t. putney,wayne smith, and other 65 impalas finished. jim paschal and lee roy yarbrough also ran these cars in the superspeedway races. it was a rough year for chevy fans as ford had the only factory teams that season.
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