• Roy Mayne
  • #46 Tom Hunters 69 Chevelle
  • Roy Mayne drove #00 July 4,7 & 10 1966
  • Dad & Jonathan
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  • 43Richard46RoyMayne
  • Racing on Flight line
  • Roy Mayne 12th place in Atlanta
  • Joe Frasson
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  • RoyMayne65Chevy
  • Roy Mayne racing Micro Midget overseas (Hot Stuff)
  • Roy Mayne in uniform & Tom Hunter
  • TheRacersPrayer
  • Roy Mayne watching the race
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  • scan0007
  • RoyMayne1965Chevy2
  • Roy Mayne's car he raced in late "50"
  • ? 65 Chevrolet
  • Pit Stop.  Jabe Thomas handing dad water.
  • After the race.
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  • Darlington
  • ColumbiaRoyMayneRandyLaney1972 (Roy's nephew) Mark Scott in Prestine jacket
  • Roy Mayne catching the winning flag
  • Buddy Baker, Roy Mayne & Eddie Jr (my son)
  • Roy Mayne & Richard Petty
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  • Practical Classics Cover
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  • Roy Mayne  Movie Speedway
  • Me & Hot Stuff
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  • Check your oil-pres
  • Roy Mayne & Cameron Mitchell
  • Practical Classics #1
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  • Roy Mayne's race car he raced in late "50"
  • Bill Elliott & my son Eddie Jr
  • Pit Stop
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  • Practical Classics #2
sonny miller
@sonny-miller   14 years ago
owned by don robertson of roanoke va. jabe thomas was his full time driver don owned star city body shop in roanoke
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   14 years ago
I do remember Wendell Scott. He was a great driver, just didn't have the high backing. Me and his daughter where good friends.
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   14 years ago
Sonny, I'm not sure of the name of the person that own the car but I can tell you that he had 2 cars the same color but different numbers. I think one was 23 and the other might of been 32. I know for fact there was to cars because my father rack both cars. Not his fault. First one A rookey had a blow out, slamed on his brakes, lost control & hit him. Got in the other car (different race, same year) a pro lost control and hit him. One of them he hit the wall and the other one he went over the inbankment. He decided to stop raceing then. He had enuff. God bless
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   14 years ago
I have a lot of pictures but don't have a way to put them on my computer and it might be a while before I have the means to do so. I will try soon. You would like some of my pictures. I have one of his first car he raced in 1945
Mike Ray
@mike-ray   14 years ago
Thanks for the good shot of your Dad.I remember this car very well.peace,out.
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   14 years ago
Thank you. Out of the kindness of others is how I get them. I have no way, (yet) to put mine on the site. I know I have some that you would just love.
Gary G Medford
@gary-g-medford   12 years ago
Great pic of your dad!!!
Veronica J Mayne  (Roni)
@veronica-j-mayne-roni   12 years ago
Thanks I am glad you like it. That was around the time he stop racing. I am glad you are having fun here.
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