Dargan Watts

Hartsville S. C. Speedway

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The 1/3-mile Hartsville (S. C.) Speedway is still partially visible after being closed more than 40 years ago. The track, located about 4 miles south of Hartsville, near the cormer of Hwy 15 and Bobo Newsom Hwy was a super-smooth dirt facility and attracted some of the top drivers in the country in its heyday. One Grand National event was held there (won by Buck Baker) and much of the dirt track scenes from the movie "Thunder In Carolina", starring Rory Calhoun was filmed there. The first and second turns are visible in the trees while the third and fourth turns are barely visible at the north end.
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   12 years ago
Thanks Dargan for to info..........I saw "Thunder in Carolina" when it was in the theaters, back in the late '50's. I still recall some of those dirt track scenes. Cool to know the 'rest of the story'.
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