Dargan Watts

35 Cale Yarborough (1st Race Car), 20 H. C. Pritchard, 26 Earnest Nicks, 7 Lucius Keels - Bethel 1956

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Former driver Gene Stokes paid $400 to build this track in a cow pasture on Bethel Road in Sumter (S. C.) County in 1956 and drew quite a field of drivers every Sunday afternoon. There were no seats, no lights and can be seen.....NO WATER TRUCK. Here three-time Sprint Cup champion Cale Yarborough leads a pack of drivers down the front stretch. Second is former Nationwide Series winner, H. C. Pritchard with Earnest Nicks running third. Lucius Keels is the driver of the #7. This was Yarborough's first race car.
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