Dargan Watts

Starlite Speedway

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One of the first tracks to try an irrigation system for watering the racing surface. As you might see by the dust, it wasn't working too well.

Dargan Watts Collection
Jackie Sims
@jackie-sims   13 years ago
The system worked better than that picture shows. That was taken during a Sunday afternoon race. By the time the latemodel feature started the dust got pretty bad most of the time. There was plenty of water put down before the races but the sun and all the racing action would pretty much dry it out by the end of the day's racing. It wasn't that much of a problem during the regular friday night races like it was for the sunday daytime shows.
Billy & Barbara Scott
@billy-barbara-scott   7 years ago
Jackie, do you happen to have any pictures Of Billy Scott at Starlite Speedway in 1967? Believe I was in the hospital and recovering from surgery during his time racing there. Will you please help me find something as I remember you having many pictures of everywhere there was a race!! Thanks, God bless and we love you
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