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What Track??

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This photo of Dale Earnhardt and Linda Vaughn was taken around 1981-1982 and is reproduced in many places around the internet, including on our Linda Vaughn tribute page with the photographer never credited that I can determine. I took this particular version from a Tumblr posting showing various Hurst beauties through the years. This is the mustard colored driving suit that Dale hated. He didn't like our dark blue Wrangler suits, either... sweated too much. His preference was the creme colored or white suits. My question is this.... what track is this? I'm sure I was there, but I can't identify it. At first I thought it was Richmond, but then I decided not. Then I thought Riverside... but I don't remember any trees at Riverside. I am stumped. Where was this photo taken?
Dave Fulton
@dave-fulton   11 years ago
I do remember Linda being around us at Wrangler quite a bit in the early 80s when she was hanging out with former football quarterback Dan Pastorini who wanted to go NHRA drag racing and was looking for sponsorship. I remember her having Dan with her at Atlanta and riding around with them at night clubbing and she pitching us. Maybe this is some segment of the Atlanta infield I can't identify. I am stumped.
bill mcpeek
@bill-mcpeek   11 years ago
Dave, Funny you should say, "She was hanging out" lol. I cant remember EVER seeing her when she wasnt hanging out.......lol just saying.
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