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Rusty Wallace

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Rusty Races: known more for his huge curly afro then his driving at the time, eventual NASCAR Champion Rusty Wallace pilots the #16 for Roger Penske at Charlotte in 1980. The rest they say is history...
Richard Guido
@richard-guido   9 years ago
Chey's first version of the AERO Coupe. Even when this version of thetwo door Caprice Classic was in production is was rare. I do not think that this car body ever won a Cup race but could be wrong.
William Horrell
@william-horrell   9 years ago
Didn't Rusty finish second at Atlanta in his first time out in this car? My memory seems to lean that way but...I am getting a little less sharp than yrs. past. Does anyone know for sure?
Richard Guido
@richard-guido   9 years ago
Yes, Wallace ran second to Earnhardt at Atlanta in th spring
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