greg minter

lakewood then & now

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Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   13 years ago
Never noticed it before, but studying these photos, Lakewood does not appear to be symmetrical. The first turn appears to be a more gradual radius than turn 2. Turns 3 & 4 look about equal to each other.
greg minter
@greg-minter   13 years ago
That's about right, Bobby... Lakewood, "The Indianapolis of the South" as it was considered in the pre-NASCAR days, was unique as all the turns had different radii,and all straightaways were different lengths. From the stories I've heard, it was an extremely challenging circuit to race at, and dangerous as well. ... talk about NARROW!! Plus the straightaways had little doglegs b4 the entries to #1 & #3, just enough to throw drivers off if they didn't focus.
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