Jerry Sims

Contingency decal test

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A little somethiing I'm working on for the models. I can't decide between the yellow #29 style and the black background with the lightning on it.
Mike Hogan
@mike-hogan   11 years ago
Black background with lightning gets my vote!!
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   11 years ago
I'm kinda leaning that way myself. I also did one with that pic in a square format with a red border that looked pretty good too.
Bill Hupp
@bill-hupp   11 years ago
Friend you have a skill and an artistry that I'd give my left grape for. I can't even build box model kits and have them look good, and diecasts cost too much.
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   11 years ago
Thanks Bill, but there's a secret. Have you ever seen behind those western buildings in the movies? They're just the fronts (only what they want you to see) and King Kong was only 18" tall, LOL I've been doing that "gluing and do-ing" since around '58 so I should be pretty good by now, ya'think? LOL I've just lately learned a new way to put on decals. Instead of those blunt nosed scissors, a cup of warm water and a paper towel, I just cut and paste them right on the photo of the model. No mess and all you have to do is switch it off to clean up every thing. Ain't technology grand? Photobucket
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