Jerry Sims

Fireball's legacy.

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A yard full of famous race cars, including 'ball's Southern 500 winning '57 Chevy and '63 Ford, come together at the ol' redneck's race car shop.
John R. "Johnny" Hollins
@john-r-johnny-hollins   13 years ago
I hate to be picky, but the Fireball car in this photo is a '64.
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   13 years ago
Chalk it up to a combination of being a little tired and almost never shooting that car. I got that one in a trade a long time ago and it's just a light purple and not the pearl it should be so it's scheduled for a repaint and it got in the background that day. Here's the '63 that should have been in the shot.. fireball07
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