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Marshall Teague

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I know that by '56 Marshall had left Nascar for USAC and a shot at Indy but he was such a rich part of Darlington's early years that I just had to include him. With plastic models of Hudson Hornets nonexistant and the resin and diecast so expensive, the only "Teague-mobile" in my collection so far has been his USAC '56 Chevy. But after sharing a showcase (I even had a key!) with Mitzi's display in the Joe Weatherly Stock Car Racing Museum I just couldn't leave him out. Hope the "off brand" car's alright with ya'll.
Jerry Sims
@jerry-sims   15 years ago
Don't know what happened to the "cover card" or the intro for this series. I just can't seem to get the "hang" of this board's operating system.
Bill Rathge
@bill-rathge   15 years ago
Its ok with me Marshall Teague was one of nascars greats
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