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Jackie Rogers at Myrtle Beach '73

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For many years, Jackie Rogers invaded Myrtle Beach Speedway on Saturday nights, but he is shown here competing in a Permatex 200 on a Sunday afternoon.
paul woody
@paul-woody   14 years ago
The first time I ever saw Jackie Rogers was at the state fairgrounds in Raleigh. The track had been closed for a couple of years and it opened back up with a 200 lap LMS national championship race in either 69 or 70. he and Sam Ard were there in cars 84 and 82. I cannot remember who was in each but I remember that Jackie won.Haskell Willingham was there in Marions yellow comet no. 50 and he led a long way before he had mechanical problems. The only other two I remember was Harry Gant and Joe henry Thurman.on Sunday afternoon Jackie won at Wilson county speedway in Wilson NC where iwent to school.
Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   14 years ago
Jackie would have been driving the #84 at Raleigh. There was a connection, of sorts, between the #82 Sam Ard Chevelle and Jackie's #84. The year would have been 1969, as Sam Ard drove and co-owned (with John Altman, Florence, SC) the #84 during the 1968 season. The following season, '69, Sam branched out on his own with the #82 and Mr. Altman hired Jackie Rogers of Wilmington, NC to wheel the black/red #84 Chevelle ("Big Daddy").The car was a winner, regardless of driver, but Jackie and Sam were two very talented wheel men, and both would go on to NASCAR careers. The #84 was eventually sold to Lance Sandlin of Delco, NC and campaigned at the Leland (NC) Raceway as #00 for several more seasons.The #98 Chevelle in the photo, came out of Shoaff's wrecking yard, on the banks of the Cape Fear river in Wilmington, NC. The car was built by Jackie and Runt Pitmann, (Daytona 500 winning engine builder, three times) hauled to Daytona on the back of a flat-bed '60 something Chevy truck and made the field for the 1971 Permatex 300, their first attempt. Jackie ran this car a few times at Myrtle Beach, but it was too heavy, and after almost winning the 1974 Winston Cup ROTY award, he would return to the dirt tracks of the eastern Carolinas. Jackie still resides in Wilmington, NC.
Jeff Gilder
@jeff-gilder   14 years ago
I love the history lessons, guys! Keep it up.Jeff
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