Dave Fulton

Surveying the Field

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My late father in his Wrangler hat watches Richard Petty head into turn 1 at Martinsville during the April 25, 1982 Virginia National Bank 500. The race was won by Harry Gant with Butch Lindley second.
greg minter
@greg-minter   10 years ago
I was there for that one...Petty was always my guy, but he was out of contention for the win so I was pulling for Butch in that Zervakis ride. Heled a lot of laps, had an issue(think it was a flat?)and fought his way back to2nd,but Harry had em covered even with the beat up car
TMC Chase
@tmc-chase   8 years ago
Butch Lindley giving it all vs. one of Martinsville's best, DW. - Butch Zervakis And Harry in victory lane for the first time in the Cup series. - Getty
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