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Beach Re-enactment - 2/15/14 - Rhode Island Ride

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A Rhode Island ride to be identified by Bill McPeek - Bill McPeek photo - 2/15/2014 - Daytona Beach beach/road course re-enactment - just got home and had a great time. Got to spend some time w/ Marvin Panch,Buzz McKim, Humpy Wheeler and chat a bit with Mr. W.C. Bell. Saw my old No.20 car and she looked great. Saw 2 flying 11 coupes that were gorgeous race cars. Wish I knew how to load some of the pics I took onto the web site. I hitched a ride with the follow up truck that trailed the pack just in case and a beautiful Ford sedan overheated and stopped. we pulled up and it was Jack Anderson. I couldn't resist and told him he should have been driving a chevy.. Cant repeat here what he told me but it was funny.
Don Rounds Jr
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