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Bobby Williamson
@bobby-williamson   13 years ago
Jack, I'd guess the year of this photo is either 1976 or '77. As legendary announcer BuckShot Cagle called it: "The newly RE-juvinated Myrtle Beach Speedway........." which featured the frontstretch dog-leg and a concrete wall first saw action with the 1975 Thanksgiving day race.Cale's car was from the (Florence, SC) Junior Johnson stable. Back in the day, Neil Bonnett also drove a B/A #12 Coke Nova at the beach occasionally.
Paul Zappardino
@paul-zappardino   13 years ago
The Chevelle Cale is driving looks very familiar. Sam Ard came to Beltsville, Md. in June 1975 for THE WINSTON 100. Cale was driving the Chevelle, during qualifying Cale hit some oil left by a car that had engine failure he slid in the oil and into the first turn wall. I was there and SCR had a picture series of this wreck, Sam looked disappointed and cale just had a puzzled smerk on his face. By the way he tried to get another ride for the race and nobody would volunteer their car. I would have to agree with Bobby on the time frame, I think they started using the Nova bodies in 76 till then it was mostly 68-69 Chevelles with a few 64-66 like the one Sam Ard used. I never attended a race at Mrytle Beach but I have seen the track, nice home town track like my old track at Beltsville.
Jack Walker
@jack-walker   13 years ago
Paul, Here are 2 of the Ray Lustig shots you are talking about from the June 7th 1975 race at Beltsville. These were from the Nov 75 issues of SCR.Jack
Paul Zappardino
@paul-zappardino   13 years ago
THANKS Jack! was looking at them down the shop before i came home today, brings back memories, felt bad for Sam. All that travel time and end up with a DNS, long drive home with only a heavy damaged race car! OUCH
T. L. Patterson
@t-l-patterson   13 years ago
I was there that day !!! I really felt sorry for Sam Ard having to carry back a demolished race car to South Carolina .
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